Herzog de Meuron

Total Solution for Professional Establishment of Subsidiary Office


  • Client from Swiss headquarter requested to establish subsidiary office in Hong Kong in a very short time
  • To sustain effective communication, a focal point is critical to ensure all solutions are well-integrated, for example, the procurement and deployment of video-conferencing system, VoIP system, network infrastructure, corporate broadband and telephony service.
  • To streamline different tasks, Apple Solution not only act as service provider who offer technical support, but also played an important role in coordination with interior design house and suppliers.
  • Another focus of the client is to own a speedy and highly dependable network infrastructure, which allows hassle-free communications between headquarter and subsidiary office.

How we help:

Enterprise-grade services and facilities allow Apple Solution work close to designated schedule and requirement:

  • Using AMP Cat6 cable and Fluke performance monitoring to manage client’s experience.
  • Using Cisco Catalyst 3560x switch and Cisco Aironet 2600 Access Point to provide highly secure and reliable wireless connections for both indoor and outdoor environments
  • Adapting Polycom HD video-conferencing system to ensure secure video, voice and content communication between offices.
  • Platon VoIP system allows clients to take advantages of premier business phone system, and also enables future establishment and development on other offices and CRM system
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