Local Note-issuing Bank

Tailored Wireless Network Infrastructure Facilitate Comprehensive Mobile Banking Solution for Local Note-issuing Bank


Our client is one of the local leading note-issuing banks in Hong Kong, with more than 6,000 staffs and over 80 branches, who seeking for highly-dependable IT partner to optimize efficacy of existing wireless network infrastructure. According to their blueprint, it is planned to establish Wi-Fi services in all branches, however, the capability of security and recovery would be counted as first consideration for new solution.

How we help:

In order to adopt a reliable, speedy and secure uninterrupted Internet access solution for client, Apple Solution recommended Ruckus Dual Radio Wireless Access Point, their remarkable wireless performance allows effective enriches management to all branches Wi-Fi services.

To ensure data services are well-performed, we also suggested client to use:

  • Adapting Polycom HD video-conferencing system to ensure secure video, voice and content communication between offices.
  • Dynamic RF management, meshing networking, location management, and AP control
  • Ruckus Wireless ZoneDirector and Smart/OS application engine for the Centralize management Controller
  • Juniper's SRX Services Gateways functioning PoE switch, and routing features, providing data services (web filtering or application control) and management tools for IDC firewall in a high level of security and stability
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